5.3.21 – Charge!

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Danish, Lumbergh, Giggles, Kiwi, Bunny, Ditka!, Herbie, Ghost, Samurai, Free Lunch


49 clear and dry. 10 Pax arrived on time with one more straggling in (nice job) and another who showed up but missed us (also nice job!).

Warm up

Mosied down to 52nd and down to division, circling up for:

SSH x 15

Windmill x 12

Slow high knees x 12

Third Grade Exercise x 12

Monkey Humpers x 12

Side Lunge x 12

Then mosied to the hill by the track.

The Thang

Started at the bottom of the hill. The Pax ran up, starting the exercise immediately at the top, and once the six was in we performed the exercise in cadence. Jogged down the hill, and started pull ups immediately. Once the six was in, performed 10 pullups in cadence. Repeated for:

Merkins x 10, Jump Squats x 10, Plank x 10, Lunges x 10

Ran up the hill backwards and completed the same for:

Merkins x 15, Jump squats x 15, Plank x 15, Lunges x 15

Broke the group into two groups and completed a lap of a six man run.

Pulled up at the wall and completed wall sits w/ Cherry Pickers x 15, Morrocan Night club x 15, OHP x 10.

Went back to the hill and repeated the above for:

Merkins x 5, Jump squats x 5, Plank x 5, Lunges x 5

Ran up the hill backwards for

Merkins x 10, Jump squats x 10, Lunges x 10

Mosied back to the Lightning Rod.


Box Cutter x 15

Big Bois x 25

Frozen Freddie x 10

Plank, L/R side plank x 10ea

Superman x 15

LBX x 10


I shared that I’m currently reading ‘freed to lead’ and am finding it hitting home. In particular, the need to work every single day to become who I want to be is hitting right now. I’ve had this mental block on the need to push myself every day, feeling like 2-3 days a week ‘should’ be good enough. The funny thing is, it obviously isn’t. I keep telling myself I don’t want to do this 5 days a week, particularly as we’re looking to launch NE, but I have all of this evidence that I really do want to do it more: I’m happier, more present, a better husband/father/friend, I see massive cognitive gains, I eat/drink better, i read more, walk my dog, etc. All the evidence in the world, and I still have a mental block on it being ‘required’ to push it every day. The story of F3 is doing a great job of breaking that down for me.

Good work today – Walkman

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