5/5/21 – Cinco De Muscle

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Danish

PAX: Ditka, Fargo, Free Lunch, Ghost, Giggles, Herbie, Kiwi, Samurai, Stray Cat, Twinposter


46F, Sun was already coming up and the boys were ready to roll!

Warm up

SSH x 15

Hip circles x 15

Lateral lunges x 10

Slow high knees x 10

Fast high knees x 10

3rd grade exercise x 15

Mosey to track

The Thang

5 times 5 minute sets (perform each exercise for 1 minute then move to next one). 1 to 2 minutes recovery.

  • Merkin
  • Squat
  • Burpee
  • Inverted rows
  • Bonnie Blairs


I had a call yesterday with an Indian lawyer yesterday who I coach and he told me something that had a profound impact on me. He’s had 15 friends die in the last week due to the severity of Covid in India. He is devastated but has been fueled by this to make an impact where he can. He raised $100,000 in 10 minutes by leaning on those he could rely on, and get oxygen to a local hospital in Delhi. Through all of this, he hasn’t skipped a day of training. He’s taking the daily red pill. He not only talking the talk but walking the walk in being a better human. I told him it’s fine to take some down time but he said his running makes him better as a person, allows him to think more clearly, makes him feel good for the day ahead. A true inspiration.

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