(11.17.2021) 3/4 Hour of Power

A0: The Lightning Rod

QIC: StrayCat

PAX:  Danish, Dockers, Herbie, Lumbergh, Slash, Steamy Nicks


37 F and dry.

Warm up

20 SSH

10 Pickle Bombers

10 Big Arm Circles (switch direction half way through)

12 Third Grade Exercise

10 Slow High Knees

This workout was focused on power. Force = mass x acceleration. We pushed the acceleration this morning.

The Thang

Mosey to the field. Line up on one side line.

Sprint across the Field. Then Mosey back.

10 Squat Thrusters

Sprint across the Field. Mosey back.

10 Hand release Pylo Merkin (push hard and get air at the top)

Sprint across the Field. Mosey back.

10 Burpees with a jump tuck at the top.

Sprint across the Field. Mosey back.

10 Pylo rows with three second hold at the top.

Sprint across the Field. Mosey back.

10 Pylo Bonnie Blairs (try to get as much air at the top as possible).

Repeat above for time.

Line up on end zone:

40 yds of Deadbug Shuffle (switch sides half way)

60 yds of bear crawl

return to pick up six

Mosey back to Lightning Rod

10 Slow Dead bugs

25 Leg Raises

25 Hard Count LBCs


StrayCat shared about slipping in fitness over the last few months as he was traveling. We have to always accelerate our fitness and push harder. You are either improving or sliding backwards. You are green and growing or ripe and rotten.

We need the men of F3 to push us forward to greater levels of fitness. We will backslide on our own.

Danish shared about the joy of suffering workouts together on Mondays after the weekend. Lumbergh shared he was tired from a 5 mile run yesterday, but the PAX pushed him to finish this workout strong.


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