A0: The Gauntlet

QIC: Walkman

PAX:  Free Lunch, Kiwi


50 degrees and absolutely pouring. Tons of water on the ground. We all walked up at the last minute and promptly decided to head to the covered area.

Warm up

Jogged to the covered area in the back of the park to start a Deck of Death. On the way, YHC stepped in a giant puddle and soaked his shoes, and realized that any efforts to stay dry were Futile, so we may as well lean into being soaked. So we stopped in the parking lot and completed scissor arms x 10, halo’s x 10, windmill x 10, third grade exercise x 10, and a 10 count of a hamstring stretch requested by Free Lunch (thanks bob evans!).

Used the parking space lines. Broad jumped to the first line, completed 5 merkins, jogged back, completed 5 GT squats. Completed the same sequence to the next parking spot line, adding 5 of each movement. Repeato until the 5th line – doing 25 merkins and 25 GT squats.

The Thang

Modified from the D.O.D and did a 3 man Dora instead. Used the near and far curbs for distance.

Round 1: Team did 350 GT Squats, one person bear crawling to the nearest curb, one holding plank, the other doing the squats.

Round 2: Team did 100 burpees, one person jogging to the second curb, one holding plank, the other doing burpees.

Mosied to the tennis courts – they were too slippery – so moved down to field.

Round 3: Team did 150 American Hammers (HC). One ran to the far side of the field, one held plank, one did the Hammers.


Penguins x 20

Frozen Freddies x 20


Short and Simple COT, inspired by NAS. “Say what you do, do what you say, be ultra-about it.”

Kiwi probed into what ‘ultra’ means to us and prompted some good convo.

We all agreed that Michelob Ultra’s were going to show up at Free Lunch’s Q tomorrow!

Great work getting soaked today men!


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