All together now (11/7/21)

A0: The Gauntlet

QIC: Kiwi

PAX: Ghost, Free Lunch, Stray Cat,


56 and dry. Pretty much perfect.

Warm up

Monkey Humpers x 10,
Third Grade Exercise x 10,
Windmils x 10,
Imperial Squawkers x 10,
bear to downdog x 10,

The Thang

Mosey to the feild and start at the bars
10 rows with 3-second pauses at the top.
20 yards of bear crawl to the stairs.
Peter parkers on each step up the stairs
run 20 yards up the hill towards Ben franklin statue
15 big bois
Run to the top of the hill
10 Burpees
run back down to the same place for 15 big bois
run to top of stairs
bear crawl down the stairs
crawdad 20 yards back to bars
repeat for time


Frozen Freddies x 10
Leg lifts x 10


I talked to the pax about how I had recently taken up toastmasters to get better at speaking in public. Often before I get up to speak in front of people I get nervous and fidgety. I often feel like if I burned energy by running a mile, doing push-ups, or doing squats before I gave my speeches I would be much more calm and relaxed. I noticed in F3 that is exactly what I get to do. It is an opportunity to burn a ton of energy before getting in front of people to deliver a speech.

A lot of people have said they have come to F3 and been surprised about how fit they have gotten. However, what I notice most is my improvement in public speaking. I have a ton of gratitude for the opportunity to step in front of people to practice speaking here at F3. There is no other program where you are forced to be sweaty, muddy, and out of breath and then forced to give a speech.

When it comes to building male leadership in the community, it can not be overlooked the subtle ways in which we support and help each other

Thank you all!


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