The obstacle course

QIC: Kiwi

PAX: Slash, Walkman, Kiwi, Samurai,


65 degrees with 100% chance of beat-down!

Warm up

imperial walkers x 15

scissor arms x 15

ass kickers x 10

3rd grade exercise x 15

Monkey humper x 15

windmill x 15

Tennis courts

The Thang

Mosey to the roundabout, 10 merkins, then mosey to the tennis courts. complete circuit of lunge walk to half of tennis court, 10 merkins, broad jump back, jog to monkey bars. Do 10 pulse jumps squats. Go across monkey bars doing a pull up each time you move your hand to the next ring. Then jog to merry ground, do elbow to full plank with feet on the Merry go round. Each time you get to full plank again take one “step ” to the right with your arms and repeat until you go 180 degrees around the merry go round. Jog to swing and climb the pole. Repeat circuit till time.

Mosey back

Flutter kicks x20

frozen freddies – 15


.Shared how my week was full of people in my life getting engaged, going through divorce, one had a baby, one lost a baby by miscarriage. We talked about how these big transitions in life happen and nothing is permanent or guaranteed. Every big event had many small miracles leading up to it, and if one thing changes – it can change ones whole life. Be grateful for the time we have with those we love and cherrish, because it can all go away so fast.

Slash shared a practice of conscious eating in picturing all the steps in the formation of the food you eat as a practice of gratitude.

Walkman shared about his mind pondering the connection between the relationship of scarcity and abundance in contemplating the ephemeral nature of things..

Samurai shared his thoughts on what lives on for us when we die.

These brothers are deep!


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