7/21/2021 – Tenet

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Lumbergh, Kiwi, Bob Evans, Fishsticks (downranger IL)


Mid 50s and dry….besides the misfiring sprinkler gushing water into the grass by our warm-up zone and adding lovely environmentally-unfriendly fountain sounds to the mix.

Warm up

SSH x 20

Halos x15

Butt kickers x15

Windmills x12

YTW x15

Cliffhanger Planks x15 (hands 6inches closer to feet than normal plank)

Mosey to field

The Thang

Tenet: going forward then in reverse (don’t get the reference? watch the mind bending movie!)

Start at end zone and move from corner to corner of the field, clockwise.

1st corner: 10 reverse snow angels  

1st locomotion to opposite corner: burpee broad jumps

2nd corner: 10 cliffhanger merkins 

2nd locomotion: bear crawls 

3rd corner: 10 reverse snow angels 

3rd loco: reverse burpee broad jumps (jump, get on your 6 w/out using hands, bend legs close to head, then explode to a squat w/out using your hands, stand, then broad jump. repeat)

4th corner: 10 cliffhanger merkins (hands 6inches closer to feet than normal merkin)

4th locomotion: crab walk 

As many rounds as possible with reps at each corner increasing by 10 each round. 

The PAX got through 1 full round and all had started down (or finished) the 2nd corner of lap 2.


Caring for parents

My parents have been visiting from Alabama during the last few weeks, after not having seen them for almost 2 years (the longest period I’ve gone w/out visiting, by far!). We left our kids with them while the M and I got out of town. It was a super tiring experience for them and they needed lots of help from babysitters each day. The M and I had a realization that it’ll be difficult to leave the kids w/ my parents for these kind of trips again – it’s just becoming too much of an ask. It made me realize how my relationship with them is changing and how this is an inflection point for me beginning to take care of them (vs them taking care of me or our kids).

I’m thankful they’re healthy and happy right now. And as I prepare for what comes next in our relationship, I want to view this as an opportunity to be generous, compassionate and give back to the 2 people in my life who’ve given me the most.

Lumbergh shared his experience with asking his parents to move in with his family, and it reflecting the circle of life w/ the balance of responsibility shifting. Bob Evans shared his experience living with his dad and taking on more of the duties around the property because his dad is slowing down.

Great work and discussion with the crew today. Excitement is palpable for the ANNIVERSARY beatdown on Saturday! Will have an awesome slate of guests and Qs. Let’s get out there! Rock on – Slash

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