9/11/2021 – IronPax Week 1

AO: LavaField

QIC: Slash

PAX: StrayCat, Houdini, Herbie, Slumberkins


55 with more energy on the field than usual. About 15 minutes later we learned that the LavaField is now an AO for junior soccer matches as well, w/ both fields packed with kiddos and parents who came to watch their kids but ended up getting a show of F3 men performing a grueling IronPax week 1 workout.

Warm up

400m Mosey

Windmills x 12

Money humpers x12

Pickle Bombers x 10

Backward arm circles x 10

The Thang

Performed the IronPax workout week 1! The fastest was 31min and everyone crossed the finish line by 60min. Great effort cheering each other on and staying mentally tough w/ the many distractions on the track and field.


Stay Cat suggested we do 20 merkins for the 20th anniversary for Sept 11th. Done IC.


9/11 was a moment that with a huge pre and post. It impacted so many parts of our lives in an instance, which are still unfolding (like we withdrawing from Afghanistan). Covid strikes me as similar in that there will always be a striking before/after the moment it hit. But with covid we’re still in the early stages. Even though things are opening back up, there’s a long unknown road ahead. I talked about trying to take the long view when I’m getting frustrated about how slowly we’re returning to normal life.

We had some good shares about where people were for 9/11 and how it impacted them.

Rock on, Slash!

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