9/14/2021 – Squrls & Bears

AO: Gaunlet

QIC: Slash

PAX: Houdini, Danish, Kiwi, Free Lunch


Low 50s, clear and dark. Winter is coming.

Warm up

400m Mosey

Windmills x 12

Halos x20

Butt Kickers x 12

Worlds Greatest Stretch x 10

The Thang

IronPax Week 2 prep!

Partner up at sideline 

Goal is to complete 100 reps combined with partner while other partner goes to the other sideline and does 10 burpees, then returns to switch. Repeat until 100 are finished.

Round 1 

  • Locomotion: coupon carry  (or bear crawl for those who forgot coupons, then crawl bear back to beginning sideline)
  • Reps: squrls (squat and bicep curl)

Round 2 

  • Locomotion: rifle carry (or inchworms for those w/out coupons)
  • Reps: overhead press 

Round 3

  • Loco: sprint
  • Reps: 3-second hold rows 

Round 4

  • Loco: sprint
  • Reps: X-factors


Russian Twists x10

Coupon Lifts x20


Read a good article from our CEO about his daily practices, and how he’s learned from Micheal Jordan about the importance of having an individual team. There’s an image of leaders needing to do it on their own, but he realized that pro athlete have all kinds of help from coaches to nutritionists to therapists. I expressed a few areas I’d like to get help from others, and set an intention with the group to do so.

Iron Pax week 2 is gonna be a fun one!

Rock on, Slash!

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