Murder Bunny Relay

A0: Lightening Rod

QIC: Kiwi

PAX: Free Lunch, Herbie, Walkman , Ghost


64 with an ashy rain settled from the night before

Warm up

20xSide Straddle Hop’s
10x sumo walkers
10x monkey humpers
10x Windmillls
10x slow high knees

The Thang

Warm up with ‘categories’:

get in a line and each do an exercise. The first person does burpees, next does lunges, next does imperial walkers, next person does merkens, the next person does plank, and the final person does squats. Keep doing the exercise non stop and 1 person calls out a category. It then moves down the line with each person having 3 seconds to list something in the category. I.e if the category was birds, the first person would say penguin, the next would say seagull, etc. until someone runs out of birds and then must go to the end of line while everyone moves up one exercise/location. continue for 7 minutes

5 person relay race:

4 people separate to corners of a rectangle 25 meters by 15. Each person performs one of the following exercises at each corner.

Burpees tuck jump
Bonnie Blairs
Man makers

The fifth person sprints from one corner to the next. Once there he replaces the person doing the exercise and they sprint to the next corner to replace the next person doing the exercise. Continue till all people have completed 4 complete relays.

5 person relay race with Murder Bunnies

Same format as before but replace sprinting with Murder Bunnies and the four exercises at the corners as:

Tick tocks
Box cutters
Big bois
Frozen Freddie

Repeat for time

Mosey back

20 x reverse snow angels

outlaws x 5 each direction


For the COT we talked about consistency. How it is easy to see the impact others have on the group when the decide to fart sack. It is noticeable when people don’t show up and it feels icky. However we often don’t consider how much our own absence affects the group. We talked about the difficulty in holding people accountable when we don’t know what attendance people are committed to. Kiwi, Free Lunch, and Walkman committed to starting each week committing to how many days they will be attending. Anyone that wishes to pick up the habit is welcome to join.


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