7/29/2021 – CHUTES and LADDERS

AO: The Gauntlet

QIC: Houdini

PAX: Samaurai, Walkman, Free Lunch, Slash, Houdini, Trout(FNG)


Beautiful morning. Good energy and openness to enter THE GAUNTLET and submit to its powers of weirdness and creativity.

Warm up

Plank walk outs

Side straddle hop

3rd grade exercise


Lateral lunges

Butt kickers

Fire hydrants

The Thang


PAX spaces out 5 yards on the football field and holds plank and starts ‘mericans on leader’s “Exercise.” First man box jumps over every member and joins the end of the PAX ladder. Next man starts and so on until you reach the end zone. All the while, everyone is doing continual ‘mericans. After reaching the endzone, the PAX lines up again going back in the other direction in plank formation. This time the first man bear crawls under every member of the PAX. PAX moves from plank to pike when bear crawler approaches and then right back to plank. Continue until end zone is reached. 17.5 mins.


Mosey to bicycle racks.

6 exercise circuit, as many rounds as possible in 12.5 minutes.

1 man weaves and chutes through the entire gauntlet of bicycle racks while others are either doing big boys, squats, burpees, big boys or squats. After first man chutes he moves into big boys and everyone rotates.


Freddie Mercury’s

Row your boat

Sprint 100 yards

Side Planks and traditional plank to end it


Life is full of CHUTES & LADDERS

Some things require a step by step ladder approach, sometimes you can stumble so stability is key, other times you might encounter a ceiling… but so often there are trap doors and hidden elevators and chutes that unlock in your favor. Trust the process but don’t be afraid to unlock an unconventional or creative door.


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