7/28/2021 – Around the Clock

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Kiwi, Bob Evans, Samaurai, Whitney, Walkman, Stray Cat, Free Lunch, Beach Bum


Beautiful morning. Good energy and excitement w/ BeachBum coming in downrange and the PAX glowing from Walkman’s first Gaunlet beatdown yesterday.

Warm up

Coupon hop overs x 11

SSH x12

Slow High Knees x12

Windmills x12

YTW x12

Mosey to field w/ coupons

The Thang

Around the clock

Coupon lunge walk around the track w/ stops for exercises every 100m (i.e. clock targets at 3 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 6 o’clock x10 at each stop, so 30/120/90/60). Begin lunge walk around the track starting at 6 o’clock, toward first stop.

3 o’clock: 30 coupon snatches  

12 o’clock: 120 rows – 40 on right + 40 on left + 40 two handed 

9 o’clock: 90 goblet squats 

6 o’clock: 60 decline merkins (feet on coupon) 

We didn’t complete as intended but finished hella strong! The PAX were almost done w/ the goblet squats when Q called the mosey back. It was a particularly slow mosey, and we ended 5-minutes late. Lesson learned! Need to give at least 5minutes to get back to LR w/ coupons after doing banger legwork.


Staying in the moment to do the incredible

I had another CoT prepared, but was so proud of the PAX today that I made that the topic. Even one pushed hard on this one. Doing a lap of lunge walks isn’t something we’ve done before (I think?!) and is a straight burner but everyone made it their own and finished super strong.

There was some banter during the workout that they would’ve have gotten out of bed if they’d known what was in store. Which reminded me that even our greatest efforts begin with small first steps. The first step for us is getting out of bed and committing to the unknown. Often I get wrapped up in the challenges of the future and lose track of what the immediate next step is. This was a good lesson that sometimes it’s most important to focus on setting a target that’s closer (in this case, a spot on the track to lunge to).

BeachBum added that it reminded him of breaking big goals down into smaller chunks to make them more manageable.

Free Lunch noted that the efforts of others pushed him to do a modification that accommodated for his injury, but was still demanding. It’s a great point to remember – you don’t have to just modify up/down but can/should also modify different to stay both healthy and challenged.

Great work out there, especially during a particularly big week (epic Sat beatdown, followed by 5 days of Gaunlet+LR ones!).

Rock on! Slash

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