4/24/21 – Gobbler Challenge

AO: Lava Field

QIC: Danish

PAX: 2 Chainz, Andy,Lumbergh, Samurai


Drizzle dizzle! A fine coating of moisture to keep our temperatures down.

Warm up

400m Mosey

SSH x 15

Scissor arms x 15

Large arm circles (backwards and forwards) x 10

Hip circles x 15

3rd grade exercise x 15

Lateral lunges x 12

Press ups x 10

The Thang

5 rounds for time:

10 x swings

10 x exercise

15 x swings

15 x exercise

25 x swings

25 x exercise

50 x swings

50 x exercise

Run 400m


Round 1: HR Merkins

Round 2: BW Squats

Round 3: Rows

Round 4: Rowers

Round 5: Overhead Press


“In purpose we find energy. In energy, we find creativity, productivity and engagement”

A good discussion with everyone about following their passion to keep the fire burning and energy in the things they want to achieve. Great shares about how to get through the dips at work and thinking about being around other HIMs helps to push us through the tough times.

On a performance note, both Lumbergh and I were 9 minutes quicker in the workout compared to when we did it 5 months ago. Great progress. Now we have markers down for everyone to get after it again soon.

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