4.23.21 – Shothouse!

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Giggles, Herbie, Kiwi, Stray Cat, Free Lunch, Danish, Lumbergh, Slash


45 and dry for a great Friday beatdown! 10 strong to round of a double digit week!

Warm up

Sun salutations and some light yoga twists to get our joints warmed up and then mosied to the track.

The Thang


Shothouse 1000: 100 reps of each exercise. Preferrably performed one at a time (complete 100, move on to next exercise) but encouraged the PAX to adapt as necessary to keep the body moving. We had two finishers and a large number hitting over 750 reps this morning. Killer work!


Lunges (left leg)

Lunges (right leg)



Pull ups

Shoulder taps (2 count)

Mtn. climber pulses (HC)

Big Bois



Box Cutters x 10


The mission of F3 is to Plant, Serve, and Grow men’s small workout groups to reinvigorate male community leadership. This happens day by dad – brick by brick. Each time you take the DRP and show up, you lay another brick and keep getting closer to PRO and becoming a HIM. We find someone faster than ourselves and chase them, every day.

Great work! Walkman

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