(04.26.21) DOD Zombie edition

AO: > Lightning Rod

QIC: > Bunny

PAX: > Giggles, Herbie, Kiwi, Samurai, Free Lunch, Ghost, Danish


> 8 PAX to kick off the week. About 45 and dry – great conditions.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Third Grade Exercise x 12 IC
  • Windmills x 15 IC
  • Slow High Knees x 15 IC
  • Donkey Kicks x 10 IC (each leg)
  • Arm Circles x 20 IC


DOD. Hearts/Merkins (easy count), Diamonds/Incline Merkins (easy count), Spades/Squats (hard count), Clubs/Lunges (hard count), and Jokers/ 12 burpees.

Since we have some VQs this month, and more to come soon, I wanted to give all pax a chance to try out calling exercises IC and getting a feel for the Q. The person that draws the card calls cadence. It went great – I think that every one of the pax present today will eventually lead a kickass Q.

Tried to get through it all, but time and burpees kicked our ass – we left off with 4 cards remaining and a minute to spare.


  • LBC x 25 IC


Stepping outside your comfort zone to get where you want to be

Discussed the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone/taking risks, and trying to do at least one thing truly uncomfortable everyday. Every single one of the pax today did this by coming to F3 and continuing to grow as HIMs. Talked about taking some risk in life – without risk there is safety, but no reward. All pax had some good insights/stories/examples to share.

I am really impressed at how this group has grown and retained a sense of fellowship, with everybody adding something different and positive – just a great group of guys. Really makes getting up at 5am worth it.

> Over and Out, Bunny