1/30/21 – Fix Up, Look Sharp

AO: Lava Fields

QIC: Danish

PAX: Andy, Cherokee, Dough Boy, Lumbergh, Slash


~40F and damp. Most of the group had partaken in some libations the night before so were feeling the thumping reminder of it in their heads.

Warm up

SSH x 20

Slow High Knees x 15

Fast High Knees x 15

Squat x 10

Side Lunge x 12

3rd Grade Exercise x 12

SSH x 15

Jane Fondas x 10 each angle/each leg

The Thang

Burpee Broad Jump to 50 yard line

Single leg squat holds (10 reps, 10 sec hold x 3)

3 x (Swings x 20 then Row x 20 with changing grip)

20 yard relay x 10 each


Group burpees/Squats/Planks while a HIM executes exercise (40 secs exercising, 20 secs rest. With 6 of us, this took 24 miuntes)

  • Burpee High Jump
  • Squat slams
  • Over head Press
  • Deadlifts

Ab Shredder

Running Man crunches

Open and close reach up

Mountain climbers with walk back

Leg raises with in and out crunch



I had a recent failure where I failed to recognize something that was toxic and high stress. It was a great reminder of paying attention to my cortisol levels and gut feeling about people/situations that I can easily get out of.

Slash shared about struggles with parenting and feeling like he’s constantly failing, BUT, learning and adapting. In the end, it’s a good thing because again, it’s a great reminder to enjoy the good times.

Lumbergh shared a great tip of how he sets a timer at 4:30pm to remind him to be a dad versus just laying down on the couch and relaxing.

Coffeeteria afterwards at Elka Bees.

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