Coupon Cardio to start the week

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Herbie, Lumbergh, Bunny, Danish, Stray Cat, Samurai,


Strangely Balmy mid 40’s and overcast with wet ground but no rain. PAX was chatty as we kicked off the warmup.

Warm up

High Knees x 12, Third Graders x 12, Windmill x 12, Squat x 10, Slow High Knees x 12, Butt Kickers x 12, Monkey Humpers x 12

Mosied to the track with our coupon’s.


Declining Coupon Circuit

Transfer Merkins x 10,

While carrying the coupon, run up the stairs, run around the end of the track to the Bleachers.

Transfers x 10

Run back to the starting position.

Repeat x 9, 8…..finished the set with (4) before running out of time. For the first two rounds we also included a stair run up the bleachers. Once Samurai and Bunny joined us (late but not in the fart sack!) we couldn’t stay separated safely so we ditched the bleacher run.


Grace – Unmerited Favor. To give it to others is to view everything in as favorable a light as possible. Your M, your shorties, friends, people on social media, political figures, etc. This is challenging in itself, especially in closer relationships where the stress of the day/week can make a sigh or miscommunication feel intentional.

What is too much grace? The balance is tricky. I’ve heard it described as equal parts ‘ love’ and ‘sword’. Enough ‘love’ to empathize, enough ‘sword’ to be candid and honest even when it’s hard.

To give grace to others is challenging. To do so to yourself, even more so. Recognizing your limits and respecting them, while not giving in to the jester or self deceptions is a tough balance. Last week Danish used a good example for setting goals – sometimes you have to meet yourself where you’re at. Being candid that whatever Ideal you’ve set, perfection may not be an option yet is a good balance of Love and Sword. There’s a great saying ‘Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.’

Do good to yourself. As we roll into February, set a go30 challenge for yourself that is good. Something you can do and be proud of, and extend that level of grace to others.

– Walkman

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