(Broad) jumping for Joy

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Herbie, Lumbergh, Walkman, Danish, Samurai, Bunny


41F and overcast with some water on the ground. Pax showed up just in time to make it a great Friday.

Warm up

Jog to 62nd and back to the top of the stairs by the track.

Infinity plank – Merkins x 10, Shoulder tap x 10, Plank x 10, one legged merkin x 10, one legged shoulder tap x 10, one legged plank x 10.

Mosied to the football field.


Start at the goal line.

#1) Bear Crawl 20 yards, broad jump 20 yards, repeat until at the far end and jog back.

Squat x 15 (HC)

#2) Broad Jump 20 yards, Bear Crawl 20 yards, repeat until at the far end and jog back

Plank x 30

Repeat #1

Squat x 15 (HC)

Repeat #2

Plank x 30

Lunge walk to the 50, stopping every 10 yards to do 5 merkins.


Just enough time for Big Bois x 5


YHC shared an experience this week of being entirely too focused to enjoy myself. I’d been waking up focused, and staying that way until bedtime. However, this morning I woke up in a great mood, a skip in my step and just excited for life. Not unfocused, just happy. It took facilitating a going away party for some friends and their kids, and seeing our kids having big belly laughs together. Creating the opportunity for unadulterated joy heals. It’s good for the soul. It also always requires people, there’s no way to get that type of laughter by yourself. Danish shared that we often measure things that are good for us, in order to be consistent and maximize them – diet, exercise, etc. But we don’t even think about measuring/scheduling these types of fun times. You can’t manufacture them – no amount of planning guarantees you’ll get that big belly laugh of goodness, but if you don’t create the opportunity, it’s highly unlikely to happen.

– Walkman

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