01/29/2022 – Mark Your Spot

AO: LavaField

QIC: Slash

PAX: SteamyNix, Danish, Lumbergh


A crisp, clear mid-twenties on a frosty field that shimmered in the sunrise. Freezing but a helluva a sight! Great to get SteamyNix out for his first LavaField session!

Warm up

Mosey lap around track

SSH x30 IC

Arm circles forward in squat x10

Arm raises in squat x10

Arm circles reverse in squat x10

Hamstring swoops x10 each side

Get ups – with right hand glued to right knee, lay down and stand back up (bonus without hands), same deal with left hand on left knee, right hand on left knee, and left hand on right knee.

Warm up

1-handed rows, with 3-second hold at top x10 IC

Single leg split squat x10 IC

Single arm thruster  x5 IC

Reach arounds (side plank with right hand on ground, raise left arm up then move it down and towards your right side and under your body as far as you can.

The Thang

Mark Your Spot

4 rounds with a movement, core exercise and run (in the first two circuit). Use F3 pins (aka pasties) to pick a baseline target and move the pasties further away each round. For time: 40seconds movement, 20seconds core, 1-minute run.

Circuit 1 x 4rounds

Broad jump back and forth (aiming to get heel past the pastie each jump)

Six inch leg holds 

Run to 15 yardline and back, each touch on the goal line and 15yd line counts as reps. Do as many reps as you comfortably can in 1minute (6/10 effort)

Repeat x4, with each round moving the pastie further apart and keeping your running reps consistent

Circuit 2 x 4 rounds

Cliffhanger merkins (put pastie behind your wrists and keep moving the pastie towards your hips by an inch or so, so that your shoulders hang out over your hands during the merkin)

Hollow body holds 

Run to 15 yardline and back, each touch on the goal line and 15yd line counts as reps. Increase your reps by 2-4 (7/10 effort)

Circuit 3 x 4 rounds

Skater jumps (aim to jump high and land on one foot on the other side of each pastie, only 1 foot should be touching the ground at a time)

Hollow body rockers  

Circuit 4 x 3 rounds (ran out of time before we could finish the 4th round)

Merkin-O’s (merkin in an “O” formation, touch your left nip to left hand then while staying low, move your right nip to right hand and push up back to the starting place, reverse the order: right nip to right hand and back to left) move pasties further away from each other each round.

Hollow body rockers and rollers  

Increase 15yd reps by 1 (9/10 effort)


Small changes for big gains

This workout was all about making small incremental changes (and challenges) that really added up. I talked about the Atomic Habits book again, and how I’ve taken the advice to start new habits that only take 2-minutes. I’ve wanted to up my reading, so I’m reading for 2-5minutes each night after the kids bedtime. It’s added up to a few chapters so far and feels like a nice addition to my day. There are other ideas about small changes that can reset a day – like if we’re looking for more positivity, change “I have to” to “I get to”. “Have to” wake up early for a workout in the freezing cold to “get to” see a beautiful sunrise and connect to a great group of guys.

Danish talked about always having his athletes note at least 1 positive thing in their journals about workouts that don’t go well, so they can see progress over the course of their training. SteamNix talked about balancing critical thoughts with positive ones (and how it takes more positive ones to offset the influence of negative ones). Lumbergh talked about keystone habits that naturally led to other improvements – things like committing to get on a scale each morning as a habit that results in better eating, more workouts.

Rock on and keep warm, Slash!

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