(1/31/22) – slowed to a crawl

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Kiwi

PAX: Herbie, Bob Evans, Walkman, Danish


46, little wet on the grass, but not raining!

Warm up

Halos x 10
ssh x 10
Windmils x 15
ssh x 10
imperial walker x 10
ssh x 10
Monkey humpers x12
ssh x 10

The Thang

Mosey to the field.

Line up on the 20-yard line.

Everyone does squats, the last person in the line counts cadence and bear crawls to the front as the second to last in line picks up counting cadence. Once everyone has crossed the field, they jog back around on the track to the starting point. we counted up to the 250 range in total.

Repeat with Merkins and then Rows until time

Mosey back to the Lightning rod.

frozen Freddies x 10
American hammer x 20
leg lifts x 10


Tomorrow is the Lunar new year as well as a new month. We set some goals around what we want to do for this new year. Walkman wanted to set his go30 goal around diet and focus on building F3 Bend over the year. Danish wanted to focus on mental health this year. I wanted to focus on starting a family.

An honor to lead with you all.

Chur, bro!

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