The Backside

AO: Gauntlet

QIC: Bob Evans

PAX: Free Lunch, Walkman


44, Dry and clear but the field was wet

Warm up

Imperial Walkers x15
Arm Circles x10
ssh x20

The Thang

Mosey around the Gauntlet to the Backside of the park and High School stopping at different points to workout

At the bicycle locking bars – incline pull-ups x15

Mosey – lunch benches – dips x20 & decline merkins x10

Mosey – Slow Squats x10 at an intersection

Mosey – the Backside – Burpies x10 OYO

Mosey down the dark path – find a bench and dips 20x

Mosey – found some railing, incline merkins x10

Mosey onto the field – Bear crawl to the 20, Mosey to the 40, bear crawl to the 40, Mosey to the 20, bear crawl to the end zone.

On your six,

Freddy Mercuries x20, Penguins x20, Leg lifts and presses x11, LBC’s x15

Bear crawl to the 10, Mosey to the 20, Lunge to the 30 – repeat till end zone

Freddy Mercuries x20, Penguins x20, Box cutters x15

Mosey around track – Line bench – Dips x15

Mosey to shipping container – Wall sit with arm raises x20

Mosey to other line bench – Dips x15, Decline Merkins x10

Mosey back to field

LBCx11, leg raises x 20, penguins x10


Discussed the workout. It was based on my workouts in Charlotte, which I never lead, off the cuff and moseying between exercises. Free Lunch and Walkman gave me some pointers to call out precisely ahead of time. Essentially, for me, I need to have plan before I execute. That’s the best for the PAX and therefore the best for me.

I’m really thankful for this opportunity to be with the men of F3. The PAX is rock solid and really fun, but a challenging group ready to learn, help and encourage. It’s a blessing to hang out and workout with y’all.

Closed with a prayer of thankfulness.

Bob Evans

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