2.23.22 – Palindrome of Pain

AO: LightningRod

QIC: Slash

PAX: SteamyNix, Danish, Lumbergh, Bob Evans, StrayCat, Walkman


Cold! Low 20s and felt like 15 with wind chill.

Warm up

SSH x30 IC

Mosey to track and drop coupons by the bars.

200m mosey

The Thang

EMOM for 5minutes:

  • 2 coupon swings    
  • 2 gorilla rows 
  • 3 rows on bar
  • 2 gorilla rows 
  • 2 coupon swings 

Palindrome of Pain

Round 1:

Single leg broad jumps to airplanes x2 on each leg, then grasshopper merkin x3

Repeat to 50yd line and back

Round 2:

Raised coupon lunges to man makers. 2 lunges on each leg (4 total lunges) with coupon over head, then 3 man makers. At least half of us got to the 50 before time was called

Mosey to LR

16 single leg box cutters

16 flutter kicks


Doing it backwards

Palindromes are interesting. They’re the same forwards and backwards. But experientially, doing the same thing in reverse is very different. Like switching my running route from going in the opposite direction feels new, even if I’ve run the same route in the other direction for years. Same deal with hiking – coming in feels really different than going back in (h/t Walkman).

As we age, the theory goes that time seems to speed up because we have less novel experiences. When we’re younger we experience so much novelty (first kiss, driving for first time, first time living away from home, etc) but we have less of these seminal experiences as we get older. I encouraged the group to try things in the opposite direction – take a new route to work/F3, play with the speed of tasks – make the familiar new and see what opens up.

Rock on, Slash!

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