5.25.23 – 128 BPM EDM

AO: Oakery

QIC: Ghost

PAX: Output, Coinage


45 degrees, dry

Warm up

  • SSH x20IC
  • daisy pickers x8IC
  • reachers x8IC
  • Leg swings x8OYO forward and sideways
  • calf raises 20 second each
  • imperial walkers x12IC
  • mosey 1/8 mile

The Thang

  • Workout to EDM music 128 BPM – rotate thru exercises and perform to the beat.
  • Coupon needed
  • Squats 
  • Jumps
  • High knees
  • Shrugs
  • Curls
  • Rows
  • Press
  • Side bends
  • Frozen freddiez
  • Side plank
  • Jane fondas
  • Reverse snow angels
  • Swim
  • Merkins
  • Wall sit w/ cherry pickers, MNCs, arm circles, shoulder press


  • Frozen fredz x 20IC
  • More squats x10IC


Stumbling blocks

The church puts stumbling blocks in people’s way to faith and binds heavy burdens on people that makes coming to faith difficult and often, like pharisees, we don’t lift a finger to help them. I believe an example is young earth creationism which is laughably untenable for many in academia, but the church often treats it as a foundational to Biblical truth. This makes it virtually impossible for many educated people to take the Bible seriously. It is a heavy burden that they cannot bear. We should be willing to “lift a finger” to reassess our assumptions to make sure our truth claims are valid.

This is of course true outside the church and in the divisive atmosphere of the broader culture. Listening, empathizing, and reassessing our truth claims would go a long way toward easing the political tension.

Ghost out

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