5.24.23 – Crazy8s

AO: Lightning Rod

VQ: @Rip

PAX: Goon, StrayCat, Output, 2dollars, RedCurry, Unicorn

Conditions: 49 degrees and dry

Warm up

1) Side straddle hops
2) third grade
3) Halo’s
4) Slow/high knees
5) Jane Fonda’s
6) Don Quixote’s

Mosey to field

line up on sideline arm lengths apart
We will line up to the left of the Q
the Q will be the first to run across the field. Once the Q crosses he gets into the first exercise. Once the Q arrives to the far side the next person to the left of the Q will run to the far side and start the exercise. This will happen until  the entire PAX is across the field. Once the last person gets to the far side of the field the Q will run back to the starting side and move to the second exercise.

Once you get to the far side you will immediately start the next exercise that the Q has already started. You will continue to do the exercise until you are called to the far side of the field. We will continue to follow the Q until we have crossed the field 8 Crazy times. At this time we will have a PAX do a slow 10 count and start it all over again.

Order of exercises:
Low Plank
Push ups
Hip Thrusts
Big Boys
Mountain climbers
High plank

Move to the staples do 8 pull up-rows then bear crawl to the first tier on the slope. Come back down and do another 8 pull up-rows – bear crawl up to the second tier and so on until the fourth tier is accomplished

At 6:10 we will mosey and do MOM until time for the COT

We don’t always get to do something for the first time that makes it memorable – this was one that was!

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