5/11/23: Ha! Look at Him Run.

AO: The Paddock

QIC: Steamy Nix

PAX: Blue Steel


Getting warmer. Dry but turf has some brisk cold dew.

Warm up:

30 SSH,
16 Slow High knees,
20 Don Xiotes,
16 Daisy Pickers (8 each leg),
30 Jane Fonda’s (15 each leg)
downward / upward dog stretch,
chest stretch,
20 scissor arms,
20 arm circles (10 each way)
10 HC Monkey Humpere

The Thang:

Line the PAX at end zone

Round 1:

Team work exercise.

Each person has to do 3 of each.

15 big boys then a 5 yard dead bug shuffle while the other guy runs a lap. Shuffle back if and forth till partner finished the lap. (3X each)

Merkins until the other guy bear crawls 30 yards and jogs back. 3 times each. Can modify with knee Merkins.

Deep squats while the other guy side-skips down the width of a yard line four times.

Give 5 minutes before end of beatdown for the following:

Wall sits –
Hold for 30 seconds
Hold and do halos (HCX10)
Hold and do cherry pickers (HCX10)
Hold and do Moroccan night clubs (HCX10)

30 second rest, repeat!

Finished with 6-inch legs off the ground (30 seconds), box xutters (HCX10 each way), 6-inchers again (30 seconds).



Nothing serious. Blue Steel is doing good, still training for his Portland Marathon. He got 3 miles in before the Beatdown. Sunrise was killer.

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