5.11.23 – Add Five

AO: Oakery

QIC: Ghost

PAX: Revolution


45 degrees, dry, dewy

Warm up

  • 1 mile mosey
  • World’s Greatest Stretch

The Thang

  • Add five workout around three barkchip play areas
    • (rows – add 5 each time), dead bug shuffle, high knees, bear crawl around slide, (frozen freddiez -add 5 each time), skater squat shuffle, broad jump around jungle gym, (merkins – add 5 each time)
  • Run through forest trail


wall sit 1 minute


thinking about business and leaving your first (or foremost) loves

Devoting time to the things that matter can seem tedious, especially after years of doing them. It is also easy to get off the mark, thinking you are devoting time to things that matter, but actually moving off into related but less vital things.

Like reading the Word for knowledge or for the sake of task completion but losing the relational aspect of it. Or spending “time” with your M or 2.0s, but having that time be more about pursuing hobbies than actually deepening your relationship.

Revolution emphasized the importance of spiritual growth in relationship with other people. All other spiritual growth may be illusory.

Ghost out

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