05.03.2023 Ex-Girlfriend

AO: Lightning Rod

VQ: @StrayCat

PAX: @RedCurry, @Rip, @TwoDollars, @Goon, @Output

Conditions: 45deg, dry



SSH – IC – 30

Windmills– IC – 10

Hillbillies – IC – 10

Imperial Walkers – IC – 10

Toy Soldiers – IC – 10

Bridge – IC – 30 count

Jane Fondas (both legs)– IC – 10

Third Grade Exercise- IC -10

Scissor Arms – IC -10

  • MOSEY to Playground w/ Coupon

Hold plank on Merry-go-round and rotate CW and CCW together per Q

20 dips (1/2 PAX)

Pullups (other 1/2 PAX, then rotate)

The Thang:

MOSEY to Ex-Girlfriend


  1. Coupon Swings x 20 (bottom of hill)
  2. Murder Bunnies to top of hill
  3. Man Makers x 10 (top of hill)
  4. Rifle Carry Coupon back down hill

Repeat until out of time

Mosey back to Lightning Rod

Flutter Kicks – IC x 30

COT: (From Walkman’s post in Mumble Chatter):

These three things are non-negotiables to be awesome, effective leaders—

Competence: knowledge, ability, expertise (duh)

Alliance Building: meaningful connections (harder)

Wholeness: showing up with all of who you are to confront the demands of reality (hardest)

One of these three accounts for 80% of your effectiveness.

I’ve also heard Jordan Peterson talk about the importance of facing the dragon (causing you anxiety) in its cave. This is much better for you than waiting for the dragon to come and find you.

Goon also shared about the difference between Cows and Buffalo. Cows run away from storms and Buffalo run to the storms. Buffalo spend much less time in the actual storm than cows.

Straycat out

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