4/24/23: Don’t Skip the Hard Stuff

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Steamy Nix

PAX: Lumberg, Goon, Steamy, Red Curry,

Conditions: Cold but no rain. Damp from rain yesterday.

Warm up

30 SSH, 16 Slow High knees, 20 Don Xiotes, 16 Daisy Pickers (8 each leg), 30 Jane Fonda’s (15 each leg) downward / upward dog stretch, chest stretch, 20 scissor arms, 20 arm circles (10 each way).

Mosie on down to the Football Field.

The Thang:

Line the PAX at end zone

Round 1: Don’t skip anything!

50 squats
Bear crawl to 25 YL
50 squats
Bear crawl back to end zone.

50 Big Boys or LBC’s (modify if needed)
BC to 25 YL
50 BB’s or LBC’s
BC back to EZ.

100 flutter kicks (HC)
BC to 25 YL
100 flutter kicks
BC back to EZ.

25 burpees
BC to 25 YL
25 burpees
BC back to EZ

Run 2 laps

Repeat! The pick up the 6 if you get through 2.

Mosie back to front of school. Finish with a stretch (we did quads).


Do the hard work and brace the challenge, even if it’s failure! Failure only provides pathways to growth. It’s such a cliche, but I never understood what people meant when they said you can’t be afraid to fail in life. In workouts, in education, in work, in relationships. Running from our problems only causes more dread and pain than we would experience if we just faced the issue.

What do you need to face this week? Is it a hard conversation with someone? Need to ask for help? Need to admit you are wrong? Need to actually change a habit and be vulnerable with your own weakness? The more we fight those things in our life that we try to not look at, the more the consequences will hurt down the road. It is usually  because of pride and fear of man, the more we hurt ourselves and hurt outhers. Attempting to control people’s perceptions of us by hiding our weaknesses, failure, and mistakes will only cause anxiety and grief.

Instead, decide today to walk in the light. Do it community. Reach out to fellow men, family, your spouse, counselor, or pastor. Reach out to God. We were not meant to do this alone, and even as we discipline ourselves to become high impact males, we would do well to understand we are far more impactful when we are open, transparent, and embracing community that we can ever be on our own.

This is what being a man looks like. Taking responsibility and initiative to care well for others by starting with yourself. Do the healing work, face the problem, and don’t do it alone.

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