03.17.23 Leprechaun’s Lucky 7

F3 Workout 3/17


Air squats


3rd graders

5 Inchworms w/merkin

Toy Soldiers

Monkey Humpers

The Thang –

Over the Rainbow

At the round end of the track run around the curve of track about 100 m. Stop at the other side and do you burpees. Then turn around and run over the curved end of the track again.

Run 100 m, 1 burpees

Run 100 m, 2 burpees

Run 100 m, 3 burpees

Run 100 m, 4 burpees

Run 100 m, 5 burpees

Run 100 m, 6 burpees

Run 100 m, 7 burpees

Leprechaun’s Lucky 7

7 rounds for Time

7 squats

7 merkins

7 Bonnie Blair’s (HC)

7 American Hammer (HC)

7 Sumo Squats

7 Merkin w/plank Jack

7 Burpees


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

By Richard Carlson

89. If someone throws you the ball , you don’t have to catch it.

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