3/4/2023 7 of bear crawls

AO: Lava Fields

QIC: Kikiwaka

PAX: @Outpost, @Leprechaun, @Stray Cat, @Shepherd, @Double Dutch

Conditions: 40deg, slight drizzle



Mosey – 1 lap track

SSH – IC – 20

Arm Circles Forward/Backward – IC – 15

Halos – IC – 10

3rd graders – IC – 10

Don Quixote’s – IC – 10

Monkey Humpers – IC – 10


Play on 7 of diamonds – set up a 30yd square exercises performed at each corner. Round 1 7 merkins, forward bear crawl to next corner, 7 merkins, reverse bear crawl to next corner, 7 merkins, forward bear crawl to next corner, 7 merkins, reverse bear crawl to original corner and start round 2

Round 2 – 14 Bonnie Blairs (hard way) Round 3 – 21 Burpees Round 4 – 28 squats Round 5 – 35 mountain climbers (hard way) Round 6 – 42 side lunges (easy way) Round 7 – 49 diamond merkins Bear crawls to each of the corners as described in round 1

No one in the pax finished all the rounds but everyone pushed until the end. A few were at the start of Round 6.


Showed a short video that my wife sent me this week about closing the task. Pax talked about what that looks like in our own lives and Leprechaun brought up communicating our own needs to our partners as a balance to taking on more tasks in a partnership

Also, discussed I statements and the impact they have had on me. When I heard that, I felt scared (ownership of experience). When you hear that, you feel scared (giving away your power/ownership of experience). When we hear that, we feel scared (taking power from someone else by projecting your own experience onto others who may not have that same experience)

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