02.27.2023 Dora 1-2-3-4

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: @Goon

PAX: @Stray Cat @Red Curry @Diamond Dave (downrange from the Carolinas)

Conditions: 33deg, a little chilly and some rain/light snow started towards the end.



SSH – IC – 30

Don Quixote’s – IC – 10

3rd Graders – IC – 10

Harry Rockettes – IC – 10

Toy Soldiers – IC – 8

Daisy Pickers – IC – 10

Partner Arms – OMC – 10sec

Halos – IC – 10

Body Builders – IC – 5

  • MOSEY to field

The Thang: Dora 1-2-3-4

Teams of 2 pax working together to reach cumulative exercise goals of 100, 200, 300, and 400 reps.

Pax 1 executes as many reps as possible while Pax 2 sprints down and back. Flapjack until team goal is reached.

Runner: Run width of field, do 5x Body Builders, return to Flapjack with partner.


100 Merkins per team (chest)

200 Squats per team (legs)

300 LBCs per team (core)

400 Flutter Kicks per team (core)

Pickup 6 = helping to complete the numbers per team

  • [The field was mostly covered in snow. So exercises were done on the track and there was a low coverage spot to run the width of the field.]

Minutes Of MARY:

Mountain Climbers – IC – 20

Plank Jacks – IC – 10

High Plank / Low Plan – IC – 10

American Hammers – IC – 20


  • [it was great having an unexpected downranger in @Diamond Dave. He rocked it & pushed us!]


If you are not already making $200,000 compensation in your job, there are five steps to getting you there.


(1) Do everything you say you are going to do.

(2) Manage your boss and colleagues — don’t make them spend time managing you.

(3) Proactively help the organization.

(4) Be positive (don’t complain). Be a “yes, and” person.

(5) Report to someone making over $200k.

(3) Proactively help the organization.

The best employees take action. They are extremely action-oriented. If you see a problem, fix it. If you see an opportunity, go grab it. If it involves getting resources, understand the organization’s trade-offs. Do not wait to be assigned something. Do not wait to get the core priority from the big boss. Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

Determine what needs to be done to help the organization and set things in motion to achieve the goals. And this need not be the defining thing that propels an organization forward. It can be a really small thing (like ordering extra toilet paper for the bathrooms). Look to solve problems.

[JR] Bettering Others! Being of Service; serve your customers & employees. Providing Value to Others.

How can I teach & serve?!?

Asking for Forgiveness can be hard for people. But, in general, people appreciate the efforts & the action and don’t mind Forgiving.

  • [Asking for forgiveness is common thing for YHC. But, bottom line, is that we need to push & thrive for the things we want. Map out a plan of attack, seek help as needed, and get things done.]

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