2/16/23 OTB – 5 minute mayhem

AO: Lava Fields

QIC: Kikiwaka

PAX: @Goon, @1cent

Conditions: 30 degrees, frost on the field



Mosey – 1 lap track

SSH – IC – 20

Arm Circles Forward/Backward – IC – 10

Halos – IC – 10

Daisy Pickers – IC – 10

Don Quixote’s – IC – 10

Monkey Humpers – IC – 10


Sprint width of field, jog back, exercise repeat- do this for each 5 minute round below

5 minutes – Pull ups x5
5 minutes – Merkin x20
5 minutes – Squats x20
5 minutes – Burpees x10
5 minutes – Bonnie Blair x10 easy way 5 minutes – Big boys x20
5 minutes – Plank/push up x20

45 minute workout…had to remove last five minute round to finish on time. Sprint slowed as rounds progressed but pax pushed each other to dig for a little more


Talked about a book that my M and I read together called Getting to Zero by Jayson Gaddis (book about how to be in conflict in relationship) I want to bring intention in my life back to one of the concepts I appreciated

LUFU – listen until they feel understood.

Invitation to Pax to share around the concept of LUFU and if it’s s something they would find beneficial in their relationships (family/work)

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