02.08.2023 Tabata Music Mix

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Goon

PAX: @output @straycat @redcurry

Conditions: 38deg, still wet from night before.



SSH – IC – 30

Imperial Squat Walkers – IC – 10

Don Quixote’s – IC – 10

Harry Rockettes – IC – 10

Daisy Pickers – IC – 10

Toy Soldiers – IC – 10

Partner Arms – OMC – 10sec

Arm Circles Forward – IC – 20

Arm Circles Backward – IC – 20

Halos – IC – 10

Body Builders – IC – 10

** Body Builders = 8-count Burpee w/ Jack out & in at the bottom of the Merkin **

MOSEY down road, around round-a-bout & back

The Thang: Tabata Music Mix

Tabata Songs timer of 20secs ON + 10secs REST. Do 4 minutes then REST for 1 minute.

1 STATION PER PAX, 4 PAX = 20min Rounds:

  • Jump Rope
  • Pushup, wide hand in/out slide {BAND}
  • Ab wheel
  • Coupon Swing

2 Minute REST between each station

  • Staple Jump Overs
  • Banded Lateral Step-out Squat {BAND}
  • Body Builders
  • Squat Thrusters

2 Minute REST between each station

  • [didn’t get thru entire second round]
  • [listened to Tabata Songs on spotify which was our automatic timer. This was fun]
  • [YIC gave the warnings about the little actions that can cause big pain. It was confirmed later about soreness from the workout. YIC = Sorry, Not Sorry!]
  • [no time for Mary.]


The joy of life is seeing how much more we are capable of doing, and battling so that who we are tomorrow is better than who we are today. Live your life with the curiosity to see what your body and mind can really do, and the knowledge that you’ll never really know how much you can accomplish if you don’t create a limit. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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