01.27.2022 – Stairs Presome, 22s, & ChumbaBurpees

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Goon

PAX: @Stray Cat, @Free Lunch, @Red Curry

Conditions: 40deg, slightest of sprinkling from



SSH – IC – 27

Imperial Squat Walkers – IC – 10

Don Quixote’s – IC – 10

Harry Rockettes – IC – 10

Daisy Pickers – IC – 10

Toy Soldiers – IC – 10

Partner Arms – OMC – 10sec

Halos – IC – 10

Body Builders – IC – 10

** Body Builders = 8-count Burpee w/ Jack out & in at the bottom of the Merkin **

  • MOSEY to field/stairs

1/2 Thang: Stairs PreSome

Someone calls out exercise for PAX while that person goes up stairs & does 5 burpees.

Returns down stairs for next PAX to callout exercise & then upstairs for 5 burpees.

Repeat qty. = PAX count [4]

  • [Did Burpees, Jump Squats, Inverted Rows & Peter Parkers]

Thang: 22s

22s = 20-2, 16-6, 12-10, 8-14, 4-18 [totalled 60 Burpees & 50 Merkins!!!]

  • 22s: Burpees & Merkins
  • 400M Run
  • [Picked up 6 w/ Burpees & last 400M to be ran.]

Extra THANG: Chumba-Burpee  (to the song, Tubthumper by Chumbawamba)

Start with SSH at beginning of song

Every time they say, “I get knocked down, but I get up again” you do a burpee.

While not doing burpees, you are continuously doing SSH.

In the end, you will do about 27 burpees.

  • [We struggled a bit with keeping up with all the SSHs. But we all put in the effort and got them and 25 burpees done.]

MOSEY back to Flag Pole

6 Minutes Of MARY:

American Hammers – IC – 20


  • [Got around the group 3 or 4 times. Had some great movement callouts happen]


“Be tolerant with others and strict with yourself.” – Marcus Aurelius

Do hard things. But don’t necessarily expect it of others.

Hold yourself to the highest standard that you can & don’t judge others to that same standard. Be better.

  • [There was some really good conversation about different interpretations of the Marcus Aurelius quote.]
  • [Announcements of Silver Falls Trail Run & team-based Polar Plunge.]
  • [@Red Curry reiterated the need to seek out organic produce & utilize farmer’s market as much as possible.]

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