(01.25.23) – Embrace that Wednesday Suck

AO:  Lightning Rod

QIC:  Steamy Nix

PAX: Steamy Nix, Red Curry, Soccer Mom (Down ranger)

Conditions: 41 degrees, overcast with slightest drizzle.

Warm up

  • 20 SSH
  • 10 slow high knees 
  • 12 daisy pickers 
  • 12 don xiotes 
  • 10 3rd grade exercise
  • 10 scissor arms (alternating under and over)
  • 8 second lat stretch each arm
  • 10 Jane Fonda’s each legs

Mosey to side of school for wall sits:

30 second hold and without a break transition to each of the following (hard count: 3=1):

10 wall halos

10 cherry pickers 

10 Moroccan night clubs

Hold sit for 30 and then repeat ×1. 

The Thang

Line the PAX up the endzone

Mosey to back of school. Line up near bike racks. AMRAP to follow…

20 bike rack rows

20 LBC’s

20 dips

20 muricans 

20 toe touch planks 

Mosey to end zone closest to you.

Side shuffle down EZ, 20YL, 40YL, and back to middle of field at the 50YL, jogging the distance between yard lines at the end of each shuffle. Then, bear crawl from 50YL to opposite EZ. Finish with a lap around the track from the EZ to where the bike racks are (roughly 3/4 a mile). 


2023 Goal Check In

A general reminder and reflection that:

1) it’s okay to know your limits, take breaks, reset. I’ve had to do that with some health stuff recently and it’s been hard after the holidays. We can give ourselves grace. At the same time, 

2) as we give ourselves grace we need to know our own dispositions and challenge ourselves. I need to be back out in the gloom. It’s good for me and I need it. I can adapt and modify, I can even miss some days, but it’s good to keep pushing. Embrace the Suck! 

Ended with a prayer

-Steamy Nix

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