12.31.22 Billy Madison

AO: Lavafield

QIC: Leprechaun

PAX: Goon, Blue Steel, Lumbergh, Winger, 1 Cent, Free Lunch, Danish, Cliffhanger

Conditions: dry and comfortable with a beautiful sunshine

Warm up

  • Air squats
  • Halos
  • 3rd graders
  • 5 Inchworms w/merkin
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Side straddle hop

The Thang

Partner Workout

  • P1 Lunge steps with coupon over head to 10 yard line and back
  • P2 coupon swings
  • Partner 2 completes the exercise for as long as it take Partner 1 to compete theirs
  • 5 rounds

Billy Madison – complete exercise for each “Grade”, then run a loop (about 150 m). As you move up in grades you must complete the exercises below it before running your loop. Follow the pattern outlined below.

  • 1st – Diamond Merkins x12 (run loop)
  • 2nd – Dips x12 (then 1st, then run loop)
  • 3rd – WW2 x12 (then 2nd, 1st, then run loop)
  • 4th – American Hammer x12 (then 3rd, 2nd, 1st, then run loop)
  • 5th – Freddie Mercury x12 (continue pattern throughout)
  • 6th – Squats x12
  • 7th – Lunges x12
  • 8th – Monkey Humpers x12
  • 9th – Mountain Climbers x12
  • 10th – Shoulder Touches x12
  • 11th – Plank Jack’s x12
  • 12th – Burpees x12


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson

Chapter 70: Remember that you become what you practice most.

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