12.28.2022 Pre-Some-Stuff-Stairs & Red Barchetta

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Goon

PAX: Red Curry

Conditions: 43deg, light sprinkle towards the end



SSH – IC – 30

Mtn. Climbers – IC – 20

Halos – IC – 10

Harry Rockettes – IC – 20 (10ea leg)

Imperial Squat Walkers – IC – 20 (10ea leg)

  • MOSEY around corner to first blocks

LBCs – OYO = 10

Box Jumps – OYO – 10

Merkins – OYO – 10

Burpees – OYO – 10

Pickup 6 = Hold Al Gore (squat while hugging a tree)

  • MOSEY to bottom of far stairs

1/2 Thang: Stairs PreSome

Someone calls out exercise for PAX while that person goes up stairs & does 5 burpees. Returns down stairs for next PAX to callout exercise & then upstairs for 5 burpees.

Repeat qty. = PAX count X2

  • Did 2 rounds each. Squats, MonkeyHumpers, Reverse Lungers & Reverse Lunges.

The Thang: Red Barchetta

Start at Goal line.

Run 100yards. Do 100 SSH – OYO. Return to goal line & plank/wait for 6.

Run 75yards. Do 75 Mtn. Climbers – OYO. Return to goal line & plank/wait for 6.

Run 50yards. Do 50 LBCs – OYO. Return to goal line & plank/wait for 6.

Run 25yards. Do 25 Merkins – OYO. Return to goal line & plank/wait for 6.

Run 5yards. Do 5 Burpees – OYO. Return to goal line & plank/wait for 6.

HERBIE 100yards. Return Mosey 50yards. & then Mosey back to Lightning Rod.

  • YHC held plank at each yard line/exercise to stick together & keep up good mumble chatter.


8 Realizations from Real New Year’s Resolutions, from Kyle Creek, aka The Captain:

  1. Time doesn’t wait.
  2. No one else will save you.
  3. Excellence requires patience.
  4. Happiness is habitual.
  5. Life and growth are not linear.
  6. Thoughts are things.
  7. Days determine direction.
  8. Even with a plan — shit happens.


Good mumble chatter throughout with Red Curry & YHC.
Appreciation for Red Curry’s continued consistency.

Instead of resolutions, look towards being a happier person. Measure what you can so that you can look back & recognize improvements, but surely prioritize the doing better & feeling better aspects.

YHC is looking to snag a thing from the Puget Sound folks… so here’s a picture of the HIMs

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