12.5.22 One percent better than Yesterday

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: StrayCat

PAX: Goon, Herbie, Red Curry, FreeLunch

Conditions: 30 and icy (careful out there). I’m a little sad the snow is all gone.

Warm up

  • Side straddle hop x30 IC
  • But Kickers x 12 IC
  • 3rd graders x 10 IC
  • Slow High Knees x 12 IC
  • Fast High Knees x 10 IC
  • Halos x 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey to field. Split into two groups (repeat for time).

  • 1/2 run stairs 4x while the others do elevated pike merkins
  • 1/2 do Lunge walk up stairs 4x while others do LBCs
  • 1/2 run stairs 4x with 5 jump squats at the top while others do merkins
  • 1/2 side step up stairs 4x while others hold plank

Mosey back

  • Flutter Kicks x 35 IC


Make small improvements to your life. Just getting 1% better everyday will make a huge difference in a year due to the benefits of compound interest. You will become unrecognizable. What is one small change you can make today?

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