11.29.2022 40 for 4

AO: Oakery

QIC: Goon

PAX: Ghost

Conditions: Cold, black top frozen over from night before


  • SSH – IC – 20
  • Imperial Walkers – IC – 10
  • Windmills – IC – 10
  • 3rd Graders – IC – 10
  • Daisy Pickers – IC – 10
  • Toy Soldiers – IC – 10
  • Arm Circles Forward – IC – 10
  • Arm Circles Backward – IC – 10
  • Scissors Arms – IC – 10
  • Halos – IC – 10
  • Mosey for 2 laps

The Thang: 40 for 4 (20 Exercises per sideline, 40 total each)

  • Round 1: Burpees & Sprinting
  • 20 Burpees — Sprint to the far sideline — 20 Burpees — Sprint back.
  • Round 2: Squrls & Coupon Carries
  • 20 Squrls* — Coupon Carry to the far sideline — 20 Squrls* — Coupon Carry back.
  • Round 3: Overhead Presses & Rifle Carries
  • 20 Overhead Presses — Rifle Carry to the far sideline — 20 Overhead Presses — Rifle Carry back.
  • Round 4: X-Factors, Bear Crawl & Crawl Bear
  • 20 X-Factors (HC) ** — Bear Crawl to the far sideline — 20 X-Factors (HC) ** — Crawl Bear back.

[*Squrl = Squat while curling coupon up to chest.]

[**X-Factor = on your six, begin each rep by spreading your body out into an X, with the backs of your hands and your heels all touching the ground. Then with straight arms and your elbows locked, pick one hand reach up & touch your opposite foot (1 touch = 1 rep). Then alternate to your other hand and foot for the next rep. Repeat as needed.]

Did 1 full set of 40ea exercise per round. 2nd set was 20ea exercise, due to time.


The Misogi Challenge – Taking Risks and Crushing Your Comfort Zone

Jesse Itzler:  “The notion around the misogi is you do something so hard one time a year that it has an impact the other 364 days of the year.” He continued, “Put one big thing on the calendar that scares you, that you never thought you could do, and go out and do it.”  

So here I am, trying to figure out what my misogi for this year will be. I haven’t answered that for myself yet, but here are three things that are helping guide my decision…

  1. Misogi should push the limit. I’ve seen it said in multiple places that whatever your misogi goal is, there should be a 50/50 chance that you will succeed. It shouldn’t be easy enough that you can fully expect to be successful. You need to enter the misogi with a sense of adventure, knowing that you may fail. There needs to be some risk involved. The whole point is to stretch yourself to tap into something you didn’t know for sure you were capable of. 
  2. Misogi should scare you a little bit. Tied to pushing your limits, whatever you choose for your misogi should create a little bit of fear. It should make you uncomfortable, and the thought of it should rattle your nerves a bit. From starting a business to getting married for a second time to running a marathon, each of those things created some unease and anxiety. The beauty is this… in each case, that fear broke down over time – once I chose to take the leap.
  3. Misogi is for you, not anyone else. The whole point of the misogi experience is to learn something about yourself. The same as it was a traditional way to purify the mind and body in Japanese culture, which was very personal, the Misogi Challenge is an endeavor for you alone. Even if you do it alone with someone else or a group, the experience is still very private. If you’re doing it for someone else, you’ll miss the point.

The Takeaway

Think back on your last 5-10 years. What memories can you attach to specific years? As you look back, can you pinpoint those moments where you stretched yourself and allowed yourself to get highly uncomfortable in order to grow? Think about one thing you can do this year to make it memorable. Learn Spanish, run a marathon, try dating again, climb a mountain, start a business… Whatever you choose, lock in your focus and start planning to make a memory this year that you’ll enjoy remembering later. 

From: https://depthnotwidth.com/the-misogi-challenge-taking-risks-and-crushing-your-comfort-zone/

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