10.31.2022 Route 66-HALLOWEEN

AO: LightningRod

QIC: Goon

PAX: Kiwi, Red Curry, Free Lunch

Conditions: 54deg, light rain, fog



Knee pulls to chest

Imperial Walkers (criss cross)

Grass Pickers/3rd Graders

Daisy Pickers

Toy Soldiers

Arm Circles



  • MOSEY to field

THE THANG: Halloween Route 66 CoreTown


Start at back of end zone. Stopping at each 10yard line to do progressively more exercises (first 1, then 2, etc.) to the top of the other end zone.  After doing 11 exercises at the top of the other end zone, PAX will have completed 66 repetitions of the exercise.

§ First journey – Weighted Sit-Ups

§ Second journey – Thrusters

§ Third journey – V-ups

§ Fourth journey – Burpee Jump Overs

§ Fifth journey – Lunge & Curl (HC)

§ Sixth journey – Staggered Merkins (HC)

§ Seventh journey – Seated American Hammers (HC)

§ Eighth journey – Pumpkin Goblet Squats

§ Eighth journey – Overhead Tricep Extensions

§ Nineth journey – Pumpkin Swings

§ Tenth journey – Standing Woodchip

  • We had 2 pumpkins and coupons for the work. Alternated amongst the group to spread the love.
  • Made it through Burpee Jump Overs.

6 Minutes Of MARY:

15 LBC’s

15 Freddie Mercuries

15 Plank Jacks

20 Flutter kicks


Teenagers & Halloween.

Be inclusive. It’s hard for them to muster up the energy. They worry about embarrassment.

Even worse would be when people/strangers/neighbors don’t offer the candy or tricks or treats.

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