10.25.22 – 11zies

AO: Oakery

QIC: Ghost

PAX: Goon, Output


50s and dry

Warm up

  • 20xIC SSH
  • 8xOYO front leg swings each leg
  • 8xOYO side leg swings each leg
  • 10xIC Daisy Pickers
  • 10x IC halos
  • calf raises x20s each side
  • Mosey around school
  • Stop for wall sit with shoulder work
  • pickup coupons return to flagpole

The Thang

  • at flagpole
  • 10 merkins at flagpole, broad jump down covered walkway, 1 curl at the other end, broad jump back. subtract a merkin add a curl. rinse and repeat until 1 merkin and 10 curls
  • Repeat with bonnie blairs on the hard count by flagpole and jog to do coupon rows.


Put away coupons


Wanting to remember those who have died. My step dad just died. He was a man of integrity and wisdom and caring. A hard working, “self-made” man. Goon talked about his grandpa a Methodist minister and church planter in New York, Puerto Rico, and Kentucky who set the tone for his whole family. and Output talked about his friend/mentor Grady who was shot during a traffic stop.

Ghost out

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