10/13 OTB: If you build it, at least two will come


Goon, steamy Nix

Warm up

10x SSH’s – 3rd Graders – slow high knee – arm circles – Don Quixote’s – Daisy Pickers

Mosey around the track, land next to the school for wall sits. 30 seconds straight sit, 12 halos, 10 cherry pickers, 10 Moroccan night clubs

Mosey back to field


At the end zone. 1 exercise, followed by gassers every ten yards to the the 40. Once at the 40, side skip from side of the field to the other side (down the yard line). Backwards jog ten yards (from 40 to 30, for instance) then down the next yard line to the other side of the field side skipping the other direction. All the way back to the end zone. Next exercise.

Exercises: 40 coupon curls for the girls; 35 Hip Thrusters; 40 Big Boys.


6 inchers

Flutter Kicks

Box cutters

Shoulder plank


Escalation vs Risk

What is the level of effort you put into something (scale of 1-10) if you think the lower the effort, the less stress/exhaustion you have to experience. Now what is the level of effort you put into something if you knew there would always be at least some amount of risk to your or other’s wellbeing? What if it is sometimes healthier to look at situations as risk management rather than effort management? Does that shape your motivation?

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