09.28.22 Strength Training

AO: Lavafield

QIC: Leprechaun

PAX: Goon, Free Lunch

Conditions: cool and dry

Warm up

  • Mosey
  • Warmup
  • Side straddle hope
  • Arm circles- forward/back
  • Halos or conductors
  • 3rd graders
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Deep lunge with rotation
  • Good mornings

The Thang


20 Alternating pistols 10 each leg

20 Box jumps

20 Speed skaters

20 Bonnie Blair’s easy count

20 Squats

Rest 30-60 sec

X 3

Mosey to field

30 sec diamond merkins IC

30 sec regular merkins

30 sec wide merkins

30 sec out stretches merkins

30 sec merkin holds

Rest 90 sec.

X 2

20 baby crunches

20 leg lifts

20 bicycles

20 box cutters

20 v-ups


setting boundaries

Saying no

1. Establish your priorities and boundaries. what are you willing to give in time and effort to the things that are important to you. write it down

2. Practice your pitch. Write out phases you’ll use to say no or to decline request for your involvement. Identify ways to contribute knowledge or support without being accountable for the outcome

3. Cut your calendar. Use your phrases and pitches to decline existing invitations, pass the opportunity to lead to others and help them rise up, inform someone your plate is full right now. Spend time each day and week looking for opportunities to do remove things, delegate and pass opportunities to lead others.

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