09.27.22 – Better Together

AO: Oakery

QIC: Ghost

PAX: Rubik


50 degrees and dry and clear.

Warm up

  • 20xIC SSH
  • 8xOYO front leg swings each leg
  • 8xOYO side leg swings each leg
  • 10xIC Imperial Walkers
  • Daisy Pickers 12xIC
  • Reachers 10xIC

The Thang

  • mosey around school twice then grab coupons and head for the back.
  • Partner Up
  • Row squats x10 – squater holds rowers legs – synchronize
  • Derkin planks x10 – Derkin on edge board with legs on partner’s back as they hold plank
  • Leg lift lunge x10 – pike leg lift over your head. Partner lunges on alternating sides of your ad to through your legs back down.
  • Manmaker curl – Partner curls coupon as you do the merkin, then take it back for the press.
  • Pull-up dog – bear crawl stance up to downward dog, partner does pull up above you and can put weight on your back to help with merkins
  • Freddie shrug – partner is behind and kicks the coupon in alternating arms before you shrug it.
  • 2.5 times through. Jogged one lap in the middle.


Dead Bug shuffle down and back on pavement square

Reverse Snowman x20IC

Box cutters x20IC

frozen freddiez x20IC


With the New York Times article and other media coverage at the national level, we need to be ready to host FNGs.

We’ve lost some people so it will be nice to have an influx and good to keep our style consistent with other F3 locations for downrangers.

Despite losses we have a good group of Qs now and are operating in many ways the way an F3 group should.

Good on ya men!

Ghost out

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