Of Mullets and Men

AO: Lightning Rod

Weather: 62, overcast, no wind

Q: Jellyfish PAX: Goon, Herbie, Alimony from SEA, Diablo from ATL


Slow high knees 20x
Side shuttle hop 15x
Daisy pickers 5 count each leg
Halos – 10x

The Thang:

Partner up at the front doors of the school.
Rifle carry coupon round statue.
Squat until partner returns. Switch.
Repeat 4 times.

Mosey on down to the field

Patriot run 800m

Line up on field.

20 – big boys on goal line
20 – merkins at 50
20 – foot to hand hops – basically a burpee without the merkin

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey back

6MoM – 15 frozen Freddie’s or yogi’s choice depending on time.

COT – Friends keep us coming back. It’s a pleasure to know everyone and meet new people. I consider everyone here a friend and that is what makes working out in the morning a highlight of my day.

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