08.25.22 The Gambler

AO: Oakery

QIC: Deacon

PAX: Rubik and Fireman


Nice and dry.

Warm up

  • Sun salutation stretching
  • Knee Therapy (IC:)
  • Bridge (10x)
  • Modified Jane Fondas (10x each side)
  • Single Leg Raises (10x each side)
  • Single Leg Bridge (10x each side)
  • Squats (10 x)
  • Side Shuffle

The Thang

  • Each PAX stands at a coupon station. The front man draws a card and leads the exercise indicated by the suit for the same number of repetitions as the card’s value (face cards 10x), then move to the back, keeping the group in rotation.
  • If an ace is drawn, switch series and draw another card.
  • Series 1: Spades = Frozen Freddies, Diamonds = Merkins, Hearts = Coupon Curl, Clubs = Dead Bug
  • Series 2: Spades = Supermans, Diamonds = Plank Hip-Tap, Hearts = Coupon Row, Clubs = Overhead Coupon Press


Mo’ Merkins! (not much time left)


The Unexpected

Shared about how unexpected knee injury has made me change gears, but that nothing is unexpected with God. Encouraged the group to continue in the face of difficulty.

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