One ring to rule them all

AO: Lightning Rod

Weather: 65, clear, perfect

Q: Jellyfish PAX: StrayCat, Bob Evans, Danish, FNG, Steamy Nix, FNG


Slow high knees 20x
Arm circles 10x
Arm scissors 10x
Daisy pickers 10 count each leg
3rd grade exercise 10x

Mosey on down to the field

The Thang:
Set up as many stations as men.

1 – 10 hand release merkins
2 – 10 touch ground squats
3 – 10 man makers
4 – 10 hard count Bonnie Blair’s
5 – 10 burpees
6 – 10 big boys
7 – 10 merkins

Only advance as a group. Hold plank with one arm until everyone is finished before moving to next station.

After one round increase by 10, next round drop back to 10.

Mosey back

6MoM – 15 frozen Freddie’s or yogi’s choice depending on time.

COT – We all need support. Each one of us comes out for a different reason and together we work as one to meet our internal goals, push ourselves and help push others in a positive direction.

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