08.9.22 Add five

AO: Oakery

QIC: Ghost

PAX: Output, Rubik


60 degrees and dry.

Warm up

  • 20xIC SSH
  • 10xIC Hillbilliess
  • 10xIC scissor arms
  • leg swings forward x 8OYO each way
  • leg swings sideways x 8OYO each way
  • calf raises 15 each side OOYO
  • daisy pickers x 10IC

The Thang

  • Six stations in the field. Run between them except for farthest leg which is bear crawl. Stations are merkins, squats, supine opposite leg arm touches, burpees, anton onos, and rows. Start with five reps, then add five each time around


hip lifts (holding pole) x20 IC

freddie mercuries x 15 IC



The 4th f

I struggle with portion control and want to get better about being a disciplined eater. fasting is a good practice that could help me be more deliberate about it. We talked about strategies for eating well and thoughtfully.

Ghost out

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