8/5/22 Clever Title Here Redux

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Stray Cat

PAX: Free Lunch, , Kiwi, Walnut


Sunny around 60 F

Warm up

  • 25xSide Straddle Hop’s
    12x Third Grade Exercise
    12x Halos
    10x Side Lunges
  • 10x Scissor Arms

Mosey to Field

The Thang

50 yds Crab Walk

50 yds Bear Crawl

10 yds Dead Bug Shuffle

80 yds Lunge Walk

10 yds Dead Bug Shuffle

Line up on one side of Field

30 Big Boys, Jump Squat to other side, 10 Burpees, Lunge walk back (repeat until end)

Find Walnut’s lost glasses then Mosey back


Circle of trust was a discussion about pursuing “Health” rather than sizes, weights, or other metrics that are indicators of health. I shared about how my performance at F3 has increased a lot since I started running on my own. My heart has gotten a lot stronger, but this is largely invisible to the outside observer. How fast you can run a mile or how many merkins you can do in a row with good form are better ways to measure health and improvement than size and weight.

StrayCat Out

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