07.15.22 – Rounds of Hun-does

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Danish, Leprechaun


Sunny, high 50s, full of Friday summer energy

Warm up

SSH x20 IC

Dive bombers x10

Reverse snow angels x12

French doors x15

Tin soldiers x15

Crooked merkins x5 each side

The Thang

“Warm up”

Follow the leader bear crawl. Crawl towards sidewalk transition to lateral crawl on right side when 20 years from sidewalk, transition to regular crawl on sidewalk, transition to lateral crawl on left side when hitting the path back to school, transition to crawl bear on straightaway back to LR starting spot.

“Rounds of Hun-does”

AMRAP – 30 minutes

10 dead rows
15 burpee coupon jump overs
20 coupon curls
25 coupon squat thrusters
30 gas pumps (reverse crunch)

(the BCJOs and squat thrusters were gassers! we got through 4-5 rounds)


“Recognizing critical self-talk”

I’ve been commuting into work regularly over the last few weeks and noticed that it’s a chance to recognize my state of mind. If I’m overly frustrated with other drivers, that’s a signal my state of mind is skewing negative. And I’ve had some of those drives recently. Noticing a lot of negative self-talk recently. I can often beat myself up for not living up to my expectations, largely with family stuff lately. My goal is to notice what’s going on and be compassionate with myself – stay with the uncomfortable.

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